Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Firday and I'm Open... to Suggestions.

In all likelihood, I'm going to spend this weekend much the same way that I spend every other weekend. I'll go to the gym. I'll do some work. I'll have a beer or thirty-six beers; maybe a glass or two of whiskey. I'll hang out with friends. I'll knock a few errands off the list. It's all par for the course.

But maybe, just maybe, I'll do something this weekend that I've never done before. It's not incredibly likely, but it's possible. Inspire me. Give me some suggestions. What should in do in DC that I've never done before?

PS - Please, ideas, activities, locations, but no names. Unless, of course, those names are accompanied by photos, contact information, and details as to just how you'd like to be done.

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jz said...

I don't know DC from Peoria, but consider:
-join a running or triathalon training group. everyone is fit, goal-oriented, and mostly humble

-find a pub quiz group to join. consider what categories are your strengths

-invite an acquaintance with a camera to a competitive photo tour around the city.